I am an intuitive guide & coach for women. I help them gain self confidence while uncovering their innate core gifts so that they can feel respected, loved and accepted for who they really are.


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Has another year gone by and you still feel stuck. How many has it been? You know deep down your a great person and have so much to give, but somehow you keep ending up in the same dead end relationship, or none at all. Maybe your stuck in a job you don’t like very much and feel frustrated unable to move forward. You feel as if only I could… then I’ll be happy.

Inside of you is all the Courageous Confidence & Self Love you need to make the changes necessary to live the life of your desires. You don’t need to look for it anywhere as it lives deep within you. Allow me to help you unlock the secrets so that you can uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living the life you are dreaming of.

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♥Confidence ♥Self Love ♥Dating

 ♥Universal Laws


“One of the ways I like to give back is to speak to the younger ones.” Whether it’s a classroom, church group or a group of friends in your own home. I empower through my own story which connects each of the participants to their own, while giving them the tools I used to grow in love within myself.  I also infuse the Universal Laws so that they learn how to connect to their own divinity.

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The Hell with Resolutions!

Forget Resolutions! I choose a word instead. One that I will become in the coming year, FEARLESS! Inspired by the “The Giving Keys” Jewelry. In the last days of 2015 as I reflected on the year and how far I have come, I realized that I still had many things that scared me. Oh, I …

My Story!



My time working for one of the first private online dating sites was a turning point for me. I was the Activities Director, which involved not only the set up and directing of the events but also researching and developing seminars and classes that would benefit our thousands of members. During this time I also became more spiritual which had taken me to a point in my life where I found guiding and motivating others so rewarding. I knew this was what I was meant to do.

Empowering others and helping them find their own way on their own personal journey soon became my life passion. Passing on a lifetime of study, and personal experiences to others so that they too could find happiness in themselves and their surroundings. My mission is about giving you the tools and coaching so that you yourself will experience joy in your life and attract the love of your life effortlessly!

Are you ready to open yourself up to a new awareness and magnetize the life you have always imagined?