“I didn’t realize how much my lack of self love got in the way of everything in my life. I feel like Deborah took a sledge hammer and broke down all the limiting beliefs about my self and my world that I didn’t even know excited.”   Alison  Age 42

“I am finally at a place of happiness I used to only dream of. I know longer think I’ll be happy when…”   Jean Age 64

“I know it sounds funny but I am no longer nervous or afraid when I walk into a new environment. I am that woman I used to look at and wonder ‘How does she do it?’ Working with Deborah has changed everything for me.”     Gail  Age 53

“Dating has never been the same. I no longer feel like I have to change who I am so he will like me. I like me!”     Eileen Age 48

The men that I attract now are more congruent with who I really am. I feel like they actually see who I am, respect me and are more in alignment with my values. Dating is fun again.      Stephanie Age 43

“For the first time in my life I was able to have a real heart to heart conversation with my Mum. Once I overcame the feelings of self doubt and self loathing I was able to forgive her for doing what I thought wasn’t good enough. I began to see her as another human being doing her best and was actually able to sit with her and talk about how I felt. I was amazed by what she shared with me, how much she loved me and how proud she was of me. Our relationship has never been the same.”   Sheri Age 47


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Has another year gone by and you still feel stuck. How many has it been? You know deep down your a great person and have so much to give, but somehow you keep ending up in the same dead end relationship, or none at all. Maybe your stuck in a job you don’t like very much and feel frustrated unable to move forward. You feel as if only I could… then I’ll be happy.

Inside of you is all the Courageous Confidence & Self Love you need to make the changes necessary to live the life of your desires. You don’t need to look for it anywhere as it lives deep within you. Allow me to help you unlock the secrets so that you can uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living the life you are dreaming of.

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“One of the ways I like to give back is to speak to the younger ones.” Whether it’s a classroom, church group or a group of friends in your own home. I empower through my own story which connects each of the participants to their own, while giving them the tools I used to grow in love within myself.

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