Children just want our Presence!

I know this is not the usual post from me but it’s about LOVE nonetheless, and the world needs more of it!

This was initially written about a video I saw about a little boy waiting for his Daddy to come and pick him up, but daddy never comes. It hit me so hard. I have written and rewritten this blog about 10 times. I just can’t seem to put into words the emotion it evokes for me. I could feel the pain of not only his feelings but of that of all the children that stand waiting for a parent to come back. The initial leaving is always difficult, but it is the repetitive leaving and broken promises that break my heart and the hearts of those waiting.

Age does not matter for the heart does not know what age is. These hearts cannot comprehend that someone they love would promise them to show up and then they never do. Have you ever seen the face of a child who has been disappointed by a parent? There is nothing more heartbreaking.

This is a call to all Parents to be there for their children! Do whatever you have to, but be there! All they want is your presence! That means put down the cell phone, shut off the TV, look them in the eye and ask how they are doing? I am sure we could all do a better job with this. I vow to my girls to look them in the eye more and to just Be!

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