Secrets to Create the Best On-Line Presence to Attract Love into Your Life

This one is for the LADIES ONLY!!

Are you ready to show up as your Sexy Confident Self while you navigate the on-line dating world?

Whether you’ve been at it for a awhile or just getting started again I know it can be a scary or frustrating place.  I’m here to turn that around for you and show you that dating is fun when you’re prepared and have the right mindset.

 Are you ready to turn on the attraction switch and be the one in the drivers seat? I’m ready to take you there. 

This course is for you if:

  • You long for a partner to enjoy your life with.
  • Your Self Confidence isn’t quite as high as you’d like.
  • You keep repeating the same pattern in relationships over and over again.
  • You’re tired of having a great time with someone and feel a connection, only to never hear from them again.
  • You never seem to get to date two or three. What is going on here?

If you answered Yes to any of these then it’s time to take action.

Why I’m the one to guide you?

I’ve been where you are! For most of my adult life I struggled with attracting the wrong partner and having unhealthy relationships.

Relationships that did not make me feel wanted, respected or loved. I longed for that sense of comfort & safety that comes when someone truly understands and loves you.

I finally hit rock bottom and allowed a relationship to break me. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Like my heart had been torn in two and ripped from my chest. The pain was unbearable. Have you ever felt like that? At that point I knew it was time to figure it out. When I looked back on my life I realized that I was the common denominator. Could it be me, could it be my perspective, my childhood, my own lack of self love that attracted these partnerships? It was actually all of the above.

I went on the ultimate search. I had to find the answers. I attended seminar after seminar. Read everything I could devour on why I felt the way I did and how I could put myself back together. Which brings me here to you. I do not want you to waste any more of your precious time. Let me guide you with all the knowledge and tools that helped me overcome so many obstacles so that you too can feel confident in yourself and in your choices.

Are you ready to leave the past behind and take that next step forward? 

You don’t have to figure it out on your own. I’ll be with you every step of the way. 

  • Transform pain into power.
  • Turn dating from feeling like a chore to feeling fun again. 
  • Feel a sense of confidence and inner joy.
  • Feel more comfortable talking to men and know what to say. 
  • Develop a positive mindset to attract more positive experiences to you.
  • Create a crystal clear vision of the relationship you want to attract and a plan to bring it to fruition. 

In my program “Secrets to Create the Best On-Line Presence to Attract Love into Your Life” We will bust through the myths and limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging your efforts to attract Love.

The difference between this program and many others is that you will have real time access to me. Your own personal Dating Coach! Once you sign up you will be receive profile writing pre-work to get you started immediately on creating a unique profile which will help you stand out above the others and attract more compatible partners. 

You will learn the insider secrets to stand out as your true self with the confidence to navigate it on your own.  This is not just a video you watch and then try to figure it out on your own. We will walk this course together with me by your side. 

Secrets to Create the Best On-Line Presence to Attract Love into Your Life

Only Four weeks to feel more confidant and have more success and fun in your dating life. We will finish on the first day of Summer. Just in time for summer loving. 

Module 1 

  • Create an Attractive Profile – I will personally critique your profile to develop one that speaks to who you are in a very unique format that has proven to be successful and make you stand out from the others. 
  • Profile Photos do’s & don’ts 
  • You will learn how to identify red flags, what to do about them and be certain you don’t have any in your profile. 
  • Personal safety online and off.
  • Easy to implement strategies to feel Confident and have it come across On-Line and Off
  • You’ll begin to feel a surge of confidence with a coach in your pocket and a group of compassionate beings to hold the space for you.

Module 2

  • Discover which dating site is right for you.
  • We will look into real On-Line profiles and dissect them for the pros and cons and red flags together. I feel hands on training is the best training. This has proven to be invaluable to my 1:1 clients.
  • What to say, how & when to respond to emails and texts and when is the right time to give out your number. We will walk through a couple examples so that you can see what a difference changing a few words can make. I encourage you to bring real life examples to work on. 
  • How to keep the texts flirty and to the point. You don’t need another texting buddy.
  • How to move things offline and into real time.

Module 3

  • You will receive a questionnaire after module 2 which will determine where we will focus our energy for part of this module. You will guide where we start out.
  • Once we have covered any questions from the previous weeks we will dive into Negative Beliefs & Mindset. This module is truly eye opening. You will discover why patterns keeps repeating and how to change them.
  • We will uncover any hidden challenges or limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging your efforts to attracting love or having a healthy, loving relationship.
  • You’ll discover a clear and simple understanding of what neuro-pathways are and what it has to do with your romantic life. Not to worry I put all this in easy to understand terms and give clear examples of how to reprogram your mind for greater success.
  • In this Module we will go into Bonus #2 so that you can start implementing the strategies as soon as possible.
  • In this module there is a lot of opening up to the possibilities outside your comfort zone with lots of excitement and wonder. Previous participants love this module.

Module 4 

  • Where have all the men gone?  Where to go and what to do? Practical steps to find the partner that may be right for you.
  • What do men want when it comes to dating and relationships.
  • How to tame the masculine, bring out the feminine and why it is so important in romantic relationships. How to do all this and still be your beautiful independent self.
  • How to bring it all together so that you can go forth successfully, finally enjoy the dating process and be on your way to attracting the right partner for you.
  • We will develop a personal plan to move you forward with confidence and to have fun in the dating process.

Bonus #1 : Taught in Module #1 so that you have these tools from the start.

  • What is Catfishing?  How do you recognize it and how to protect yourself against it.
  • You’ll learn my number one tool to find out about a potential date.

Bonus #2 : Taught in Module #3 Going deeper into Mindset & The Law of Attraction and how you can use it in your dating life. 

  • What is the Law of Attraction?
  • How to get yourself in the right mindset and why it is important.
  • Easy to implement Law of Attraction techniques that put the Universe to work for you.

Say “Yes” to you!!

Secrets to Create the Best On-Line Presence to Attract Love in your Life

Module 1 will begin on June 21, 2017 via Zoom interactive platform. Information to connect will be emailed to you prior to the start date. If you can’t make a meeting please don’t worry I will email you a recording of the class for you to listen to on your own. You’ll also be able to email me any questions you may have. 

There is limited seating so that I can give my full attention to those committed to themselves and taking action.

The total investment for the entire program is $695. 

If you take action by June 10, 2017 you’ll receive a $200 fast action bonus for a total investment of $495. That’s what my private clients invest for my unique profile writing service alone. You’ll receive that and so much more.

If you’re ready to make a change in your life click on the button below and let’s get you started.

Here’s what previous clients are saying:

“This is the best money I have spent on myself in a long time.” Carol age 57

“I felt like I opened Pandora’s box of tips and tools for dating.” Paula age 42

“Deborah you’ve made dating Fun again, I sometimes can’t keep them all straight.” Stephanie age 52

“Thank you for helping me see exactly how my thoughts were limiting me. I’m a bit scared because he is everything I have always wanted, but I’m pushing through it. Thank you!” Tracy age 45

“I have never looked at things that way, this has opened up a whole new world for me in many areas.”  Jean age 64

“Deborah,  my insecurities don’t define me anymore!”   Allison age 36

“Every Penny has been worth it to feel like I don’t need to change myself so he’ll like me. I can just be me!”  Danielle age 47

It’s time to say “YES” to yourself and your future!

If you have any questions please email me at:

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