The Hell with Resolutions!

Fearless BraceletForget Resolutions! I choose a word instead. One that I will become in the coming year, FEARLESS! Inspired by the “The Giving Keys” Jewelry.

In the last days of 2015 as I reflected on the year and how far I have come, I realized that I still had many things that scared me. Oh, I know we always will, but for me I felt very disappointed in myself that I didn’t face them. I overcame many things and accomplished many things but I still feel as if there is so much more to explore, experience and so much more of myself that I need to allow others to see. Parts of myself that I keep hidden due to fear or thinking small. Fear of being vulnerable, fear that others will not approve, that others will not like what I have to say or what I stand for. Fear of loving so much that it hurts! Fear of jumping into what, I feel is my purpose, with all that I am and not having enough money to sustain myself. Fear of messing up someone else life. Fear of not be able to give enough. Fear that I am not articulate enough or smart enough. These are some of the things I think and worry about. Most I know aren’t true but oh how we are programmed to believe such things.

FEARLESS signifies to me facing the things, places, experiences and emotions that scare me. Things that I may shy away from, avoid altogether, or push away from me in many different ways. Today I vow to myself and to all I come in contact with that I will love openly, give freely, but most importantly step outside my own comfort zone and do what it takes to move forward fearlessly, triumphantly, and with compassion and love for myself and others.

What word will you choose and what will it signify for you? If you want to take it a step further and make it real for yourself, tell me what the word is and why in the comments below. It is only in putting it out there in the Universe that we can actually see it return to us. Next year I will have a different word altogether as FEARLESS will be part of my makeup.

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