What is your gift and how do you find it!


I watched a video this morning about a 5 yr. old child who wanted people to stop killing animals. Unfortunately the video is no longer available. In it he kept telling his mom that he wanted to do his job and he couldn’t wait until he was an adult to do it. He was so emotional and passionate about being able to do his job. He didn’t want people killing animals to eat any more. He felt in his heart that it was bad and the wrong thing to do. His passion and words brought out in me the realization that we all have our purpose with us all along. 

We all come into this world with a job to do! This little one says it as clear as day. He just wants to be an adult so that he can do his job. He said it over and over again. The more I know about the Universal Laws and the Mind the more I know it to be true. I also love the way his mom responds, what can you do now? I give her a standing ovation for how she empowers her child.

When we come into the world we are implanted with a dream, a desire. This is what we are here on the earth to pursue. For some it may be the talent of dance or song. For others it may be mechanical, a teacher, a nurse, an animal lover or an artist. Whatever your dream is, or whatever you desire, these both point to your purpose. Think back to when you were a child. What was something that evoked an intense emotion in you? What was it that you used to dream about as a child? These things can lead you to your life purpose. There is a great saying that points to this.

“Be aware of the place that you are bought to tears. That is where I AM and that is where your TREASURE is.”

If you have a hard time understanding this, I’ll do my best to explain. It means that your gift to the world can be found hidden deep inside you. It may be locked away waiting to be uncovered. You can be sure that it has been with you all along. Unfortunately due to circumstances or the way society is built we are not taught this. More often than not we are told that we can’t do something, that our ideas are impossible or even crazy. Over time we forget about them or give up.
The surest way to uncover your gift is to be aware of the things or experiences that touch your heart on such a deep level that you are brought to tears, in a good way or a hurtful way such as the case of this little man. Other people may look at this situation and will not have any emotional response at all. Please note that I am speaking to the situation that he is upset about not the fact that he is upset. I think most people with any empathy at all will be touched by his reaction.

Another way to uncover your gift to is to notice what pisses you off. That’s right! What are the things that piss you off? Things that make your blood boil. Now I am not talking about getting mad at someone because of what they did to you. I am talking about the anger that comes up when you are confronted with an issue outside of yourself. In the case of this little man he was not only brought to tears, but was extremely angry. He could not justify what was happening and would fight till the end to stop it. Others may get upset but will not feel the urge to do something about it. For him it is a pull! He can’t help himself. He can’t wait to be an adult so that he can do his job. When his Mom suggests that he doesn’t have to wait his expression changes and the wheels start turning. You can see it in his face.

I hope I have explained this so that you are beginning to understand. Your gift that you need to bring to the world is inside you. It’s been there all along. The key is to find out where it is hiding and unlock the door. Realize you are a treasure and have that one gift that humanity is waiting on.

If you would like some help to uncover your true gift to the world please message me. I know you don’t want to go another year feeling like you are not living up to your potential. You are a gift to the world, let it be known!

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