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50 Ways to Raise your Vibe!

1. Meditate

2. Gratitude practice

3. Drink lots of water

4. Yoga

5. Set positive intentions and say them          out loud daily

6. Listen to music that makes you smile

7. Dance

8. Sing

9. Go get a makeover at the beauty counter      and then walk around town like a Goddess

10. Stop watching TV

11. Take a bath

12. Get a massage

13. Get a Mani-Pedi

14. Get a facial

15. Go to bed early

21. Hug someone

22. Call a friend

23. Tell someone how you feel

24. Listen to inspiration podcasts

25. Visualize your favorite moment

      of all time. Get into the feelings

16. Go for a walk/run

17. Exercise

18. Sit amongst the trees

19. Go climb a tree

20. Go to the Beach

26. Eat clean food

27. Eliminate fluoride

28. Create something

29. Enjoy a favorite meal

30. Cook with Friends

31. Play with animals

32. Hold a baby

33. Play like a child

34. Visit an elderly home and volunteer           to sit and talk with anyone who                 feels lonely.

35. Go to your favorite place

36. Do something that scares you

37. Visualize your ideal life as if it’s

       already here

38. Become aware of the self talk. Say only        postive things

39. Find free things to do in your                        neighborhood

40. Read positive and inspirational things

41. Hold hands

42. Make love

43. Hold someone

44. Volunteer

45. Do something nice for a stranger during your day

46. Visit Open Houses that replicate your          dream home & imagine living there

47. Text drive your dream car

48. Make a vision board

49. Daydream that everything you                      want is yours already

50. Write a love letter to yourself

Raising your Vibration is the key to manifesting. This list of 50 is just something to help you. Begin to make your own list of all the things that bring you joy and turn your soul on. When you're aware of these things you'll be able to make a different choice when negativity takes over. Over time it will be automatic.