The Energy of Love Sisterhood

How to tap into its powerful force to attract more love and abundance into your life!

“6 Week Energy of Love Coaching Program”


Are you ready to be understood, valued and respected for the Magical Woman that you are and start attracting more love and joy into your life?


Yes I’m Ready to...


  • Discover exactly what your heart needs to be happy in a romantic relationship.

  • Begin to attract partners who are more in alignment with who you are.

  • Begin to feel that you are actually the chooser, not the other way around.

  • You’ll develop more mindful dating habits and stop wasting time on the wrong people for you.

  • Develop a Relationship Resume to guide you to forgiveness & gratitude. Two of the highest energies for attracting love into your life.

  • Learn energy techniques that will keep you in the frequency of what you want.

  • Recognise your Red Flags and what to do about them.

  • Become part of a Sisterhood to support and sustain you.

Are you aware how powerful your words are and how to change the conversation going on inside your head
How to raise your energy to match the reality you want
You will discover how your limiting beliefs and fears may be holding you back from attracting all that you want, and how you can begin to overcome them
You will be guided through a simple technique of “Energy Transference” a technique to help you shift out of your dis-empowering “story” and into empowering thoughts and action



Are you ready to call in the Energy of Love to help you manifest the ONE that is truly right for YOU?

Are you tired of repeating the cycle of unavailable men, men that are just not right for you?

Are you ready to join an amazing group of women who are all here for the same thing, LOVE! Imagine channeling all that energy into one place for the benefit of all in the group. There is a dynamic when a group of people come together for the sake of one cause. It is called the Group Coherence and there have been Scientific Experiments to prove that it is a true phenomenon. Similar to the power of prayer if that is your belief system. 

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