Sometimes we give our loved ones false expectations. Then wonder why they do not trust us and are disappointed.

An example of this is telling them something and then not following through with action.

The following are some examples:

"Watch your mail, I sent you something."...and nothing ever comes!

"I bought a little something for you."...and then nothing, maybe an excuse or two!

"I will call you first thing in the morning."...but the phone never rings!

You tell them “We’re going to the show on Friday."...then again nothing!

When this behavior becomes a common theme in your relationship it becomes very difficult to believe anything you say and trust disappears.

I realize your intentions may be well and good, but if you can’t follow through, don’t say anything. It's a hard lesson to learn especially if you are a people pleaser as I was many years ago.  I wanted to make everyone happy. If you do say something always try to deliver. If you can’t deliver please don’t ignore it and communicate your intentions to your beloved. If you want your loved one to trust you with their heart you must really try to be true to your word.

Be True to your Word!

In reality they don’t expect anything from you, but when you put it out there and don’t deliver you are setting the stage for disappointment and trouble down the road. This also has a tremendous impact on your self esteem. Each time you disappoint someone you are also disappointing yourself. After all you truly did want to deliver. Your intentions were always good. This also leaves negative energy in your body which will eventually present itself in one way or another.

Do your best and eventually you will realize that you are in complete alignment with your words and will become known for someone with high integrity.


COPYRIGHT 2020     Deborah Knight