Why I keep going back to the Jailhouse

Little did I know that walking into that jail house would be the most fascinating and fulfilling thing I have ever done.

I speak at a local detox unit in our local jail once or twice a month and I learn so much from them. It is the most rewarding thing I do. They help me hone my skills as a coach and a teacher, but more importantly as a human being. They are so real!

I feel more alive today because of it.

Last night there were 40 Women in the unit and they challenged me as a coach to continually hold the space for each and every one of them simultaneously. Holding the space means to meet them each, where they are in their life, in their knowledge, in their pain, and in their light. Reflecting back to them the gifts they each are and allowing them to shine. I have such gratitude for each and everyone of them. They also mirror back to me places that I need to grow.

I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to share the steps and the tools I’ve learned along this journey of self discovery, self respect and self love so that they too can feel those things for themselves. So they can learn to accept themselves, forgive themselves and know that there is always hope.

We are connected in the deep.

I have a belief that we are all connected at a core level and we are here to help each other out. I also feel that the deeper we heal ourselves we are healing each other.

What are the little things you're going to do today to help someone else out? Will it be to offer the door for someone, visit a friend in need, drop food off at the food pantry. Maybe take out your guitar and sing in the park, just for the sake of bringing joy. Whatever special gift you have inside try giving it away for the shear joy of it.

How will you serve another today?

I can absolutely say that serving others for the sake of serving and without expecting any gain for yourself is not only the most rewarding thing you will ever done but it is also the quickest way I know how to raise your vibe. I've also learned that it is one the easiest ways to raise your confidence in yourself. Serving others always brings joy to your heart.


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