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Coaching Program

Are you Ready to Master Your Life?

With so much uncertainty in the world around us wouldn't it be amazing if you knew without a doubt who you were and why you were here?

Are you ready to tap into your own energy system, raise your vibration and develop an inner connection to yourself that is unbreakable. Enabling you to become a magnet for what you really want?

Are you ready to tap into the magical field of energy that surrounds you and is you?

The Transformative Journey Back to Your Soul!

 You'll rediscover the best parts of yourself & learn how to align your soul energy to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

If you have every had any of these thoughts then this journey is for you. 

You're tired of feeling invisible. 

You want to get off the gerbil wheel of life and begin to enjoy what life has to offer.

You've been going deeper into your spirituality and the deeper you go the more you realize how out of alignment you are with your Souls Design. Your reason for being here. 

You're tired of being the strong one all the time.

You know you can have more, be more but you just can't seem to get there.

Deborah was able to identify the block and emotions that I was carrying around with me, without me speaking in-depth about them. I couldn’t believe how spot on she was when she read my energy . And pinpointed some of the challenges I was encountering. As a result 
I became even more aware of my energy flow and the things I was doing to block my progress. 
It has been a game changer. As it’s woken me up to standing more true to the power within me. 

Victoria Awele Griffith, Life Coach/Creator Spectacular Woman

Are You Ready to Awaken to Your Soul Design
and Begin to Manifest the Life You Came Here For?

Feel understood and able to stand strongly in your own power to speak up and be seen

A Spiritual Connection to Self & Source that is unbreakable making you magnetic to your wants and desires

Regain the courage to uncover your greatest gift to humanity, the best part of you!

Feel more joy in your life regardless of your surroundings, which in itself puts you in the flow state.

Master your Energy Body

Experience an Abundance Mindset shift

Feel held in a safe community of women on the same journey


What does your energy have to do with what you are manifesting in your life?


I'll go into your timeline and discover when you gave your power away and we will reclaim it for you!

Self Love

Let's clear out those cobwebs of negative thinking & beliefs and open the path to abundance.

Daily Habits

What does your soul want to feel? 


Powerful process of Future You Visualization to anchor in your Souls design


Your soul came here with a gift. A gift that you are to give to the world. Are you ready to discover what that is?

The Magic of Manifestation

Vibration... Frequency... Manifestation...Oh My! 

What do these have to do with you and the life you're meant to be living? 

We are living in an amazing time. People are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings and their own impact on those surroundings. You're here because you've been trying for years to make changes in your life and you may feel like you're running in circles. No matter how hard you try things don't seem to be moving forward for you or they are moving at a very slow pace. Either way it's time for you to do something different. To take control of your life.

Do you want to be part of a movement of women rising up into their best selves. Rising up into the higher consciousness of collaboration, ease and grace. Living from a place of love and compassion from their hearts. My goal is to help as many women as possible live from that place of divine love within them because I know once they live in that space there is no room for judgment or hate for themselves or others. It's then that they begin to vibrate on a higher level and become a magnet to the things they really want in their lives. 


People begin to be love, beyond reason to a place of neutrality in every given moment and hold the space for others to shine. 


What you focus on expands. 


When you focus on the good in another, that other is more apt to rise up to meet that expectation. Imagine if you could do this for your family or those around you. Most focus on the negative. I want to change that narrative for there is good in all beings. During this journey you will rise up

My big A-Ha after our call today is I have honed in on the two things that reinforced my "limiting Beliefs."

You are such a tremendous coach and I'm so grateful for your honest and constructive feedback. It's helped me grow through insecurities I've had and those I still need to work through. 
Thank you!

Allison Turner, Sales Executive

I felt stuck, yet couldn’t get out of my own way to make the changes I knew I needed. Then I met Deborah Knight, who helped me rediscover what mattered to me; not to my kids, not to my husband, not to my employer, to me.  Deborah helped me get back in touch with what I value most: connection; and what I love to do most: write.

Judi McLaughlin, Copywriter

Recently, Deborah guided us through a manifestation process where we were guided to ask for something specific, as if we already had what was our desire.  Deborah helped us fine-tune our requests, to release resistance, and/or get more specific, if appropriate. 

Within 24 hours of doing this manifestation exercise, (and stating it out loud) a new business opportunity came to me  and I met a potential romantic partner.

This stuff works.

Heidi Wilde,  Amara

The Universe Loves Speed and Action! If you're ready to dive deep into the core of your being, discover more of who you are and begin to manifest the life you know you are meant to live, then say Yes! Say Yes to you! 

Live in Your JOY!

"I know that when women see themselves and allow themselves to shine they find this confidence and spiritual connection that is unbreakable. They begin to be the Warrior of Light for their families and their communities. It begins to ripple out into the world. Making the world a much better place to be."