Are you stuck on the Gerbil Wheel of Life? Feeling Unfulfilled & Frustrated?

You know there's more to life but you just don't know how to make it all STOP!

"50 Ways to Raise Your Vibe" 

When the negativity tries to takes hold.

When the day to day of life begins to pull you down its important to know how to raise your vibe and stop the spiral. 

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You've done everything you thought would make you happy, but know there is something more for you. So much more.

You've heard about Energy work & The Law of Attraction but haven't quite figured out how to put it to work in your own life.

You're in the right place. 


  • Freedom to choose what you know to be right for you

  • Freedom to say No!

  • Freedom & Excitement for life coming from a deep place within you

  • Freedom to put yourself out there

  • Freedom to speak 

  • Deeper intimacy through vulnerability

  • Ability to read your own energy at any time

  • Improved intuition and courage to follow it

  • Improved Self Worth, Self Love and Acceptance

  • Attract love that's right for you

  • Learn what your Vibe has to do with creating your reality

  • Make decisions based on your SoulsValue system not on what you feel you Should do

  • Improved Relationships with family & friends

  • End people pleasing behaviors that drain you

  • Discover and remove any beliefs that may be limiting you.

  • Remove any energetic childhood trauma stored in your body that are sabotaging your energy

  • Create a Vision for moving forward in our life

  • Discover & Follow what brings you Joy! 


What people are saying...

Judi McLaughlin, Copywriter

 I see my teenage daughters opening up to me and seeking me out, rather than avoiding contact; my husband wanting to engage in daily conversation; my clients referring me without my asking. The world has opened up to me in ways I never expected; thanks to Deborah, I am transformed.

Cindy Regan, Graphic Artist

 Woking with Deborah was one of the most beneficial investments in myself I have ever made. I grew to see myself as I have long wished to see myself: as a working artist, a maker of things. I was able to eliminate a cluttered mindset, get clear on what I am seeking, and focus on achieving my dreams.


Allison Turner, 

My big A-Ha after our call today is I have honed in on the two things that reinforced my "limiting Beliefs."

You are such a tremendous coach and I'm so grateful for your honest and constructive feedback. It's helped me grow through insecurities I've had and those I still need to work through. Thank you!



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Who am I?

Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author, Transformational Expert, Intuitive Guide, Creator of "The Magic of Manifestation" Workshop & Seminar Facilitator.

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I have a fundamental belief that everything in our lives is a product of our thoughts and beliefs and we have the power to change our reality with ease, speed and grace.  We just haven't been taught how to tap into the magnificent power of the Universe and how to use it in our favor.

I believe we are all here to ascend to a higher level of humanity and we're here to help each other along the way with Love and Compassion. This is the basis of all that I am. I am also a Warrior for Women, in past lives and in this one. You have a gift that you have been given to bring forth into this world and our job together will be to help you find that. 


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