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What my clients are saying

Through the exercises I was able to eliminate a cluttered mindset, get clear on what I am seeking, and hone in on achieving my dreams. I find myself in an amazing and thrilling place. I now have the tools necessary to progress forward toward an abundant and fulfilling work-life. If you’re on a path toward fulfilling your own dreams, the Magic of Manifestation will offer the exact boost you seek to get there.

Cindy Regan


During my session with Deborah, she was able to identify the block and emotions that I was carrying around with me, without me speaking in-depth about them. I couldn’t believe how spot on she was when she read my energy . And pinpointed the some of the challenges I was encountering. As a result

I became even more aware of my energy flow and the things I was doing to block my progress.

It has been a game changer. As it’s woken me up to standing more true to the power within me.

Victoria Awele Griffith

Live Coach

The Magic of Manifestation course is the gift that keeps on giving! Working with Deborah allowed me to shift my mindset to attract more of what I want in my life and focus on how I want to feel - not what I want to have.

Sue Hardy

Monet Sales Rep

Deborah helped me get back in touch with what I value most: connection; and what I love to do most: write. Most importantly, she helped me release limiting beliefs I had in myself, which enabled me to conquer my fear and pursue the work I’ve wanted to do most, the work I am meant to be doing. I am no longer driven out of obligation, but by what matters to me,

Judy McLaughlin


My big A-Ha after our call today is I have honed in on the two things that reinforced my "limiting Beliefs." You are such a tremendous coach and I'm so grateful for your honest and constructive feedback. It's helped me grow through insecurities I've had and those I still need to work through. Thank you!

Allison Turner


I have seen and received financial abundance and growth in my business. Within 24 hours of doing her manifestation exercise, (and stating it out loud) a new business opportunity came to me. This stuff works!

Hiedi Wilde

Amare Sales Rep