What my clients are saying

“After decades of making life choices based on what was practical and necessary, I had lost touch with what I really wanted, or more importantly, who I really was. I felt stuck, yet couldn’t get out of my own way to make the changes I knew I needed. Then I met Deborah Knight, who helped me rediscover what mattered to me; not to my kids, not to my husband, not to my employer, to me. Deborah helped me get back in touch with what I value most: connection; and what I love to do most: write. Most importantly, she helped me release limiting beliefs I had in myself, which enabled me to conquer my fear and pursue the work I’ve wanted to do most, the work I am meant to be doing. I am no longer driven out of obligation, but by what matters to me, which in turn makes me more accessible to my family, my friends, and my work. I see my teenage daughters opening up to me and seeking me out, rather than avoiding contact; my husband wanting to engage in daily conversation; my clients referring me without my asking. The world has opened up to me in ways I never expected; thanks to Deborah, I am transformed.”


---- Judi McLaughlin, Medford, MA

 “I recently completed the six-week workshop, Magic of Manifestation. It was a fantastic, eye-opening experience. In fact, it was one of the most beneficial investments in myself I have ever made.

Deborah Knight is a wonderful teacher—an authentic light—she is able to distill the essence of how to raise your vibration, how to uncover your values, how to tap into the light itself and learn how to find your soul’s purpose.

Through the six modules and their accompanying exercises, I grew to see myself as I have long wished to see myself: as a working artist, a maker of things. Through exercises I was able to eliminate a cluttered mindset, get clear on what I am seeking, and focus on achieving my dreams. It is an amazing and thrilling place I find myself, thanks to this workshop. I’m now in possession of the tools necessary to progress forward toward an abundant and fulfilling work-life.

If you’re on a path toward fulfilling your own dreams, the Magic of Manifestation will offer the exact boost you seek to get there.”

- Cindy Regan 

“I didn’t realize how much my lack of self love got in the way of everything in my life. I feel like Deborah took a sledge hammer and broke down all the limiting beliefs about my self and my world that I didn’t even know existed.”   Alison Turner Age 42

"OMG... Light bulb moment! Deborah I can now see why I haven't been able to let this relationship go even though I knew he wasn't good for me." Samantha Age 24

“I am finally at a place of happiness I used to only dream of. I know longer think I’ll be happy when…”   Jean King Age 64

“I know it sounds funny but I am no longer nervous or afraid when I walk into a new environment. I am that woman I used to look at and wonder ‘How does she do it?’ Working with Deborah has changed everything for me.”     Gail  Age 53

“Dating has never been the same. I no longer feel like I have to change who I am so he will like me. I like me!”     Eileen Allosso Age 48

"The men that I attract now are more congruent with who I really am. I feel like they actually see who I am, respect me and are more in alignment with my values. Dating is fun again."     Steph Stenti Age 43

“For the first time in my life I was able to have a real heart to heart conversation with my Mum. Once I overcame the feelings of self doubt and self loathing I was able to forgive her for doing, what I thought wasn’t good enough. I began to see her as another human being doing her best and was actually able to sit with her and talk about how I felt. I was amazed by what she shared with me, how much she loved me and how proud she was of me. Our relationship has never been the same.”    Sheri Age 47

​"Deborah believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. She has this ability to see though the layers to the heart of who I am and give myself permission to let that emerge. She also has this amazing ability to break down complex ideas into easy to understand formula's and shows me what it will look in my life. I now have the How To's to achieve not only the love I envision but the life I envision as well." Melissa Muniti  NH Age 32


"I can't thank you enough for what you have done for us. We were at a crossroads and thinking about giving up and you so effortless helped us see where we needed to make a few shifts and voila here we still are."  Ken & Andrea

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